Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles were made from antiquity onward.  My hand made and hand painted tiles focus on the traditional slipware and delftware traditions of Europe and North America from the 17th century onward.  The backs of these 4×4 tiles come with felt pads on each corner, allowing use as coasters or spoon rests, or as you wish.  Other back side indentations allow for wall hanging, or inclusion in tile installments.

Slipware Tiles

Slip trailing was historically practiced in areas without an abundance of white clay which could be used for sgraffito decoration.  Animal and floral imagery along with various geometric designs were trailed onto plates, pots and tiles in just about every region of the North American and European redware pottery tradition.

Delft Tiles

Potters from Delft, Holland and later Dutch emigres to England established the blue and white tradition known as “delftware” between roughly 1650 to 1750.  An opaque white glaze over earthenware clay allowed for a wide range of painted decorative possibilities in delftware pottery.