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This style of work was popularized by potters in Delft, Holland (possibly including members of my own family tree) and has been in continuous production for over five centuries in Europe and later in the US.  My delftware continues this beautiful tradition, while exploring its decorative potential for the modern home.

PLEASE NOTE: I am currently focusing on producing work made to order, rather than having a large inventory of surplus on-hand items.  I may eventually return to stock-piling large amounts of available items, but for now please be patient and let me know if you are looking for something specific.  In general, most orders can be filled within a span of 6 weeks or so.

If you need an order within a specific time frame,  please contact me before ordering, as the items you want may not be on-hand, to schedule an appropriate delivery time.

Types of pottery on this page (in order, keep scrolling!):

  • Specialty items
  • Punch Bowls
  • Drinking vessels
  • Luminaries


Fruit Stand, Checkered

Fruit Stand, Wisteria

Bottle Vase, Galway

Teapot, Delftware, Straight Spout

Lidded Sugar Bowl, Leafy Vine


5 Spouted Florero

Vases, Delftware

Vases, Delftware, more

Ginger Jar, Delft, Mimosa

Ginger Jar, Delft, Leaf Swirl

Punch Bowl, Mimosa, Small

Punch Bowl, Daisies

Punch Bowl, Delft, Sponge

Punch Bowl, Delft, Leafy Vine, Small

Punch Bowl, Galway, Small

Punch Bowl, Feather

Punch Bowl, Delft, Papyrus

Creamer, Checkered

Creamer, Floral

Tankards, Delftware

Tankard, Delft, Polychrome Banded

Round Mugs, Delftware

Round Mug, Delft, Checkered

Espresso Cup, Defltware

Espresso Cup, Defltware, Feather

Demitasse, Delftware, Feather

Demitasse, Delft, Leafy Vine

Demitasse, Delft, Banded

Tea Cup, Delft, Feather

Tea Cup, Banded

Tea Cup, Delft, Net Pattern

Wine Cups

Jugs, Delftware

Luminaries, Delftware, 1

Luminaries, Delftware, 2

Luminaries, Delftware, 3