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After a few days wrapping my head around all that’s been happening, I keep my gaze toward the horizon;

Reports indicate the planet is healing itself. Air pollution is lessening. Canals in Venice are clear and full of fish! Environmental regeneration is being seen almost everywhere. I hope and believe the world that comes out of this crisis will be a better one.

On a personal note, as I work from home I am incredibly fortunate to be able to continue my work. My colleagues and I in this wonderful field of art have been given the treasured gift of time to explore our craft with creativity, without the burden of deadlines. And if it is any help, I am still open on-line and available to provide for anyone in need of whatever comfort my work can offer.

I believe the results of all this, while painful and devastating on so many immediate levels, will ultimately bring out the best in us as people and as a community.

Good luck to us all!

Good Health Charger

A potter’s journey into this quintessential craft heritage.

I make traditional pottery inspired by various European and North American styles from the 17th to 19th centuries.

About Stephen Earp:

Stephen Earp’s pottery has been included since 2007 in the annually issued National Directory of Traditional Crafts.  Earp was inducted into the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) Keepers of the Tradition archive in 2009.  Stephen Earp and his pottery have been featured in several books, magazines and articles.  Earp is the author of the web journal “This Day In Pottery History,” a collection of stories from the back roads and byways of pottery history.