All delftware and redware tiles are 4×4.”  I make individual tiles, murals, and custom tile applications such as fireplace and kitchen surrounds.  Contact me for details.  Due to the nature of hand-made ceramics, expect slight variations in design and execution.

PLEASE NOTE: I am currently focusing on producing work made to order, rather than having a large inventory of surplus on-hand items.  I will eventually return to stock-piling large amounts of available items, but for now please be patient and let me know if you are looking for something specific.  In general, most orders can be filled within a span of 4-6 weeks or so.

If you need an order within a specific time frame,  please contact me before ordering to schedule an appropriate delivery time.

Tile, Delft, Potted Floral

Tile, Delft, Herring Boat

Tile, Delft, 2 Masted Ship

Tile, Delft, Tower

Tile, Delft, Windmill

Tile, Delft, Hare and Bug

Tile, Delft, Bird and Bug

Tile, Delft, Butterfly

Tile, Delft, Bird on One Foot

Tile, Delft, Blue Hen

Tile, Delft, Leaping Rabbit

Tile, Delft, Bridge Scene

Tile, Blue and White, Round Floral

Tile, Delft, Round Urn

Tile, Delft, Round Tulip

Tile, Sgraffito, Vine and Leaf

Tile, Sgraffito, Dove

Tile, Sgraffito, Floral

Tile, Sgraffito, Peacock

Tile, Sgraffito, Floral Sprig

Tile, Sgraffito, 3 Tulip

Tile, Sgraffito, Tudor Rose

Tile, Sgraffito, Thistle

Tile, Sgraffito, Distlefink

Tile, Sgraffito, Willow

Tile, Sgraffito, Sawtooth

Tile, Sgraffito, Round Flower

Tile, Sgraffito, Four Tulip, light

Tile, Sgraffito, Star Flower

Tile, Sgraffito, Four Tulip, Dark

Tile, Sgraffito, Three Petal Flower

Tile, Sgraffito,Three Blossom