All delftware and redware tiles are 4×4.”  I make individual tiles, murals, and custom tile applications such as fireplace and kitchen surrounds.  Prices for custom orders may differ.  Contact me for details.  Due to the nature of hand-made ceramics, expect slight variations in design and execution.

PLEASE NOTE: I am currently focusing on producing work made to order, rather than having a large inventory of surplus on-hand items.  I may eventually return to stock-piling large amounts of available items, but for now please be patient and let me know if you are looking for something specific.  In general, most orders can be filled within a span of 6 weeks or so.

If you need an order within a specific time frame,  please contact me before ordering, as the items you want may not be on-hand, to schedule an appropriate delivery time.

Tiles, delftware

Tiles, delftware, bordered

Tiles, Sgraffito

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