This style of work was popularized by potters in Delft, Holland (possibly including members of my own family tree) and has since become a thriving international expression.  My delftware continues this beautiful tradition, while exploring its decorative potential for the modern home.

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Types of pottery on this page (in order, keep scrolling!):

  • Specialty items
  • Punch Bowls
  • Drinking vessels
  • Luminaries

Fruit Stand, Geometric

Teapots, Painted

Sugar Jars, delftware

Vases, Delftware

Vases, Delftware, more

Ginger Jars

Oval Jars, delftware

Punch Bowls 1

Punch Bowls 2

Creamer, Floral

Tankards, delftware

Tankards, Delftware

Round Mugs, Delftware

Tea Cup, Banded

Tea Cup, Delft, Net Pattern

Wine Cups

Jugs, Delftware

Luminaries, Delftware, 1

Luminaries, Delftware, 2

Luminaries, Delftware, 3