Redware Pottery

Redware is a type of traditional domestic earthenware pottery made since the earliest times, and appreciated today for its practicality and its timeless beauty.  My redware continues this tradition while exploring its decorative potential for the modern home.

Pots on this page (in order, keep scrolling!):

  • Specialty items
  • Pitchers, Jars, and Jugs
  • Bowls Bean Pots, and Bake Dishes
  • Drinking vessels


Tobacco Jar

Berry Bowl, Norwalk

Luminary, Vine and Leaf

Luminary, Sgraffito, Floral Ring

Florero, 6 Spout, Two Tone

Florero, 5 Spout, Two Tone

Albarelo Flower Vase

Flower Vase, Oval, Two Tone

The Yardbirds

Teapot, Sgraffito, 2 Tulip

Teapot, Redware, Black

Redware Teapot, Octagon, Two Tone

Sugar Jar, Two Tone

Pitcher, Sgraffito, Vine

Pitcher, Green

Lidded Pitcher, Green

Oval Jar, Sgraffito, 3 Tulips

Oval Jar, Slipware

Oval Jar, Sgraffito, Vine

Oval Jar with Ear Handles

Oval Jar, Green

Oval Jar, Yellow Slipware, Wavy Lines

Jug, Medium, Swag

Jug, Black

Jug, Brown Slipware, Wren

Jug, Green

Jug, Slipware, Leaf

Jug, Slipware, Wheat

Jug, Extra Small, Sgraffito, Vine and Leaf

Jug, Extra Small, Sgraffito, Willow

Jug, Extra Small, 2 Tulip

Jug, Extra Small, Tudor Rose

Jug, Extra Small, 3 Tulip

Jug, Extra Small, 2 Tulip

Jug, Slipware, Wheat

Bowl, Green

Bowl, Black

Bowl, Sgraffito, Swag

Bowl, Sgraffito, Vine

Bowl, Slipware, Banded

Bean Pot, Slipware, Eye Dot

Bean Pot, Redware, Black

Canister, Sgraffito, 4 Tulip

Bake Dish, Sgraffito, 4 Tulips

Bake Dish, Sgraffito, Vine and Leaf

Bake Dish, Sgraffito, 2 Tulip

Bake Dish, Slipware, Sunburst Floral

Bake Dish, Slipware, Star

Bake Dish, Slipware, Leaf

Plain Mug, Sgraffito, Vine

Plain Mug, Sgraffito, Swag

Mug, Straight Sided, Black

Mug, Green

Tankard, Agate

Baluster Mug, Sgraffito, Vine

Barrel Mug, Vine

Round Mug, Black

Porringer, Black

Porringer, Green