Redware is a type of traditional domestic earthenware pottery made since the earliest times, and appreciated today for its practicality and its timeless beauty.  My redware continues this tradition while exploring its decorative potential for the modern home.

PLEASE NOTE: If you need an order within a specific time frame, contact me before ordering, as the items you want may not be on-hand.

Examples of redware on this page (in order, keep scrolling!):

  • Specialty items
  • Pitchers, Jars, and Jugs
  • Bowls Bean Pots, and Bake Dishes
  • Drinking vessels
  • Misc

Double Walled Jars

Berry Bowl, Norwalk

Florero, 5 Spout, Two Tone

Ring Jug, Slipware

Luminaries, redware

Teapot, Sgraffito, 3 Tulip

Teapot, Sgraffito, 4 Tulips

Teapot, Sgraffito, Tree of Life

Teapot, Redware, Black

Teapot, Green

Creamer, Two Tone

Pitchers, Sgraffito

Pitchers, Redware

Pitcher, Brown Slipware, Banded

Pitcher, Two Tone

Oval Jars, Sgraffito

Oval Jars, Sgraffito, more

Oval Jars, Redware

Jugs, Redware

Jugs, Slipware

Jugs, Sgraffito

Extra Small Sgraffito Jugs

Flask, Slipware, Wheat

Bowls, Redware

Bowls, Decorated

Bean Pot, Slipware, Eye Dot

Bean Pots, Redware

Canisters, Sgraffito

Canisters, Sgraffito, more

Canister, Slipware, Cable Banded

Canisters, Redware

Bake Dishes, Sgraffito

Bake Dishes, Slipware

Pie Bird

Animal Bells



Baluster Mugs

Barrel Mugs



Chamber Sticks