Special Offers

Special Offers from Stephen Earp Redware

Treasure your home in Blue and White.

Custom House Plate

Send me an image of your house and I’ll memorialize it on a 10″dia. plate.  No two border patterns are alike.  A gift to remember!

Contact me for details.  steve@stephenearp.com  413-625-0015







Custom Dinnerware Sets.

Blue and White Dinnerware

Custom Dinnerware patterns





Upgrade your dinnerware to a unique, hand-painted, heirloom set of dinnerware for anniversaries, parties, or just whenever you want!

Contact me for details.  steve@stephenearp.com  413-625-0015


18th Century Tea Sets.

Images to come soon.  Contact me for details.

Additional special order/customized options are available.

Custom, hand painted tile work for sink, fireplace, or doorways.

Commemorative dishes, individualized designs, or specialized sets.

As always, contact me to discuss the possibilities.  steve@stephenearp.com  413-625-0015