Special Offers

Special Offers from Stephen Earp Redware

Please contact me for details and to schedule appropriate delivery times.

Be advised that completion of custom work may take longer than the usual 6 weeks or so for my regular production.

Treasure your home in Blue and White.

Custom House Plate

Send me an image of your house and I’ll memorialize it on a approximately 11″dia. plate.  No two border patterns are alike.  A gift to remember!

Contact me for details.  steve@stephenearp.com  413-625-0015







Custom Dinnerware Sets.

Blue and White Dinnerware

Custom Dinnerware patterns





Upgrade your dinnerware to a unique, hand-painted, heirloom set of dinnerware for anniversaries, parties, or just whenever you want!

Contact me for details.  steve@stephenearp.com  413-625-0015



Additional special order/customized options are available.

Custom, hand painted tile work for kitchen, fireplace, or doorways.

Commemorative dishes, individualized designs, or specialized sets.

As always, contact me to discuss the possibilities.  steve@stephenearp.com  413-625-0015


Historic Shirts.

All cotton t-shirts featuring designs from the Stephen Earp Redware catalog.

T Shirt, Redware

T Shirt, Stoneware

T Shirt, Tree of Life

T Shirt, Dove