Pottery Gallery

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Coffee Pot, wood salt



Fruit Stand, Galway


Care  and Use

  • Food Safe
  • Oven proof
  • Microwaveable
  • Handle with care
  • Coasters recommended.

A note on terms such as “interpretation,” and “inspiration,” and “style.”

The challenge – and fun – of making traditional pottery is learning the vocabulary and history of a particular pottery style, and then accepting these as guidelines for exploring, honoring, and expanding that style by adding my voice to the conversation.

Making this work is not just about the forms alone.  It’s about the history of artistic expression on communal and global levels, and what that story continues to offer us today.  Because today’s artists have such ease of access to the world’s entire cultural heritage for use as inspiration we have a responsibility to this heritage, lest we become guilty of appropriation – working with traditional styles is a two way street between the maker and the work itself.

This fascinating corner of our global decorative arts heritage offers vast creative potential for the potter and endless enjoyment for the ultimate owner.

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